3 reasons why you should use CAN

01 February 2023

3 reasons why you should use CAN

1. Increased Vehicle Data Collection: CAN (Controller Area Network) allows for the collection of real-time data from various onboard vehicle systems, such as engine performance, fuel efficiency, and speed. This provides fleet managers with valuable information to make informed decisions and optimize fleet operations.

2. Improved Safety and Compliance: CAN monitor and track driver behavior, such as seatbelt usage, speeding, and harsh braking, allowing fleet managers to address any safety concerns in real-time. Additionally, CAN can help fleet managers meet compliance requirements, such as Hours of Service regulations, by accurately tracking driver activity.

3. Increased Efficiency and Productivity: By collecting and analyzing real-time data, fleet managers can optimize routes, reduce fuel consumption, and minimize downtime, leading to increased efficiency and productivity. CAN can also help fleet managers detect and diagnose vehicle problems early, reducing the need for unscheduled maintenance and increasing vehicle uptime.

In conclusion, incorporating CAN into your fleet management solution can provide numerous benefits, including increased vehicle data collection, improved safety and compliance, and increased efficiency and productivity.