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With the aim of ensuring the efficiency of the transport framework, the Government of India has structured an Intelligent Transport System (ITS) under the Automotive Industry Standard 140 (AIS 140). Since the number of vehicles in India is increasing with every passing day, the government saw a need to come up with a set of guidelines that specify the emergency and safety standards that need to be applied to every public or state transport system in the country. Strictly complying with AIS 140 guidelines can aid in controlling congestion on the roads, lower dangerous environmental impact and improve overall traffic management. This being said, We present to you our AIS 140 certified GPS devices approved by ICAT and ARAI with installation service provided by pan India. Being compatible with a wide range of commercial and private cars, these devices detect the real-time location of your car and act as your car's doctor.

Our AIS140 Certified device comes with facilities like live tracking, fuel monitoring, driver behavior monitoring, ignition control, vehicle temperature control, and many more. Furthermore, Our device comes with technologically advanced facilities like dual sim support, GPS internal antenna, speed alert, and GPRS tracking. To assuring the safety, our device is also equipped with an SOS emergency call feature which you can use by pressing the SOS panic button. Other additional features that come with our device are door status sensing, overspeeding monitoring, power on/off sensing, etc. The device is already gaining popularity because of its reliability and user-friendliness.

Having years of creative and innovative expertise in designing advanced products with cutting-edge technology, we have come up with many IOT devices for making vehicle integration easier than before. We are a team made of Ivy league innovators software developers, testers, and project managers ensuring that the experience provided by our products is top-notch! Given the many advantages of our device, we ascertain that it meets the needs of our customers and provides the best IOT solutions for GPS management systems.

Smart use of AIS 140 certified devices can result in improved performance of vehicles in several ways:

  1. Real-time tracking: AIS 140 devices provide real-time tracking of vehicles, allowing organizations to monitor their location, speed, and other performance metrics in real-time, improving visibility and control over their fleet.
  2. Fuel efficiency: By monitoring and analyzing data such as speed, idling time, and route optimization, organizations can identify areas for improvement and take steps to optimize fuel efficiency, reducing operating costs and improving performance.
  3. Driver behavior monitoring: AIS 140 devices can monitor driver behavior, such as overspeeding, harsh braking, and aggressive acceleration, providing insights into areas where training or coaching may be required to improve driving habits and reduce accidents.
  4. Maintenance optimization: Regular monitoring of vehicle performance data can help organizations identify potential maintenance issues early, allowing them to schedule repairs and maintenance more effectively, reducing downtime and improving vehicle performance.
  5. Enhanced safety: AIS 140 devices can provide real-time alerts in case of accidents or other emergency situations, allowing organizations to respond quickly and effectively to ensure the safety of their vehicles and drivers.

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How Smart Use of AIS140 can result in an improved performance of your vehicles


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