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A GPS locator, also known as a GPS tracker, is a device that uses GPS technology to determine and track the location of a person, vehicle, or asset. GPS locators can be small and discreet, making them ideal for covert tracking, or they can be larger and more robust for use in commercial or industrial applications.

GPS locators typically work by using satellite signals to determine the location of the device, which is then transmitted to a central monitoring system. This can be done in real-time or at regular intervals, depending on the specific needs of the user.

GPS locators can be used for a variety of purposes, including:

Vehicle tracking: GPS locators can be installed in vehicles to track their location, speed, and other performance metrics. This can be useful for fleet management, logistics, and security.

Personal tracking: GPS locators can be worn by individuals to track their location, such as for outdoor activities, elderly care, or child safety.

Asset tracking: GPS locators can be attached to valuable assets, such as equipment, cargo, or livestock, to track their location and prevent theft.

Some GPS locators also require a subscription or service plan to access the monitoring system.

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