Mobile Digital Video Recorder

MDVR, or Mobile Digital Video Recorder, is a compact device that records and stores video footage from vehicles. It offers features like GPS tracking and remote access for monitoring purposes.


“Capture Every Moment, Secure Every Journey: Your Safety, Our Priority with Mobile Digital Video Recorder Excellence!”


  • MDVRs are equipped with multiple camera inputs, allowing for comprehensive coverage of the vehicle's surroundings. This includes interior cameras for monitoring passenger behavior and exterior cameras for capturing road conditions and potential incidents.
  • MDVRs record video footage in high resolution, ensuring clear and detailed recordings. This is essential for capturing important details such as license plates, facial features, and other critical information.
  • Many MDVRs include built-in GPS tracking systems. These systems provide real-time location information for the vehicle, allowing fleet managers to monitor routes, optimize efficiency, and improve response times.
  • MDVRs often have the capability to stream live video feeds over a secure network connection. Authorized personnel can remotely access the MDVR system and view real-time video footage, enabling prompt response to incidents or monitoring of ongoing situations.
  • To ensure the integrity of recorded data, MDVRs often include security features such as password protection, encryption, and tamper-proof design. These measures prevent unauthorized access to video footage and maintain its admissibility as evidence.

How we solve these Challanges?

Multiple Camera Inputs

Supports multiple camera inputs for comprehensive surveillance coverage.

High-Definition Recording

Captures clear and high-quality video footage for detailed analysis.

Storage Options

Offers various storage options, including HDD or SSD, for ample video storage capacity.

Wi-Fi Connectivity

Supports Wi-Fi connectivity for easy data transfer and configuration.

Audio Recording

Records audio along with video, providing additional context for events.

Remote Monitoring

Enables remote viewing of live video feeds for enhanced real-time monitoring.