Passenger Info System

A passenger information system provides real-time updates and relevant information to passengers, enhancing their travel experience and improving communication.


“Empowering Journeys, Connecting Commuters: Your Seamless Ride with Our Passenger Info System.”

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  • PIS provides real-time updates on travel schedules, delays, cancellations, and other service-related information.
  • PIS offers dynamic route information, including maps, station layouts, and transit connections, to guide passengers through their journeys.
  • PIS can provide information in multiple languages to cater to diverse passenger demographics.
  • PIS displays announcements about special events, promotions, service disruptions, or safety instructions to keep passengers informed.
  • PIS facilitates two-way communication between passengers and transport authorities or operators, allowing passengers to provide feedback, report issues, and receive real-time responses or assistance.
  • PIS utilizes digital signage and displays strategically placed at key locations to provide clear and readable information to passengers.
  • PIS provides analytics and reporting capabilities, offering insights into travel patterns, peak hours, service utilization, and customer behavior to inform decision-making and improve operational efficiency.

How we solve these Challanges?

Real-Time Updates

Stay informed with live, accurate information on schedules, delays, and route changes for a hassle-free journey.

Multi-language Support

Cater to diverse passenger needs with multilingual interfaces, ensuring effective communication for all travelers.

Emergency Notifications

Instantly communicate critical information such as emergencies, disruptions, or safety alerts to enhance passenger safety.

Interactive Touchpoints

Engage passengers with user-friendly touchscreens or mobile apps, providing instant access to essential travel details.

Dynamic Route Mapping

Display real-time progress, stops, and transfer points, allowing passengers to plan their journey effectively.

Entertainment and Information

Offer a pleasant commute with entertainment options, news updates, and relevant information during the journey.