Taxi Fare GPS Meter

A taxi GPS meter is a device that combines GPS technology and metering functionality to calculate accurate fares based on distance and time traveled.


“Navigate, Calculate, Illuminate: Your Journey, Your Fare, Our GPS Meter – Driving Fairness, One Ride at a Time”

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  • Taxi GPS meters utilize GPS technology to accurately track the vehicle's movement, allowing precise distance calculations for fare calculation.
  • GPS meters can handle dynamic fare structures, accommodating factors such as time of day, day of the week, or peak travel hours, ensuring accurate fare calculations based on specific conditions.
  • A clear display shows the fare amount to both the driver and the passenger, promoting transparency and providing real-time fare tracking.
  • Taxi GPS meters can generate printed or digital receipts, including fare details, trip information, and additional charges, providing passengers with a record of payment.
  • Taxi GPS meters can collect and store data on vehicle usage, distance traveled, idle time, and other relevant metrics, supporting fleet management and operational analysis.
  • Meters can store route history, allowing drivers and fleet managers to review and analyze past trips for performance evaluation and optimization purposes.
  • Some GPS meters are equipped with a panic button that drivers can activate in case of emergencies, triggering alerts or notifications to the taxi dispatch or authorities.

How we solve these Challanges?

Accurate GPS Tracking

Ensure precise location data for transparent and fair fare calculation based on the actual distance traveled.

Real-Time Fare Updates

Instantly adjust fares based on route changes, providing transparency and eliminating surprises for passengers.

Secure Payment Options

Facilitate cashless transactions with integrated payment systems, ensuring convenience and security for both drivers and passengers.

Trip History and Receipts

Provide passengers with detailed trip summaries and electronic receipts, enhancing transparency and record-keeping.

Emergency SOS Feature

Enhance passenger safety with an emergency button that alerts authorities or designated contacts in case of urgent situations.

User-Friendly Interface

Ensure ease of use for both drivers and passengers, promoting a positive experience with clear displays and intuitive controls.