We serve every customer’s specific need in terms of their business data. We offer different approaches to serve the need of data analysis. We follow distinguished approaches viz. Consulting, Implementation, maintenance and support as well as Outsourced data analysis.

Choose the approach that satisfies your business need.

  • Consulting

We, as a supportive entity, help our customers to scrutinize their problems and reach to the cause and effect analysis. In order to provide the best results to the customers our consultant advice them and fix their problem.

  • Implementation of a data analysis solution.

We scan specific business requirements of the customer to design a conceptual solution and suggest an optimal technology stack. For implementation, we favor an iterative approach. This means that we start with developing a certain part of the solution, which allows us and our customer to repeatedly review the solution as a whole and modify it if the customer’s business requirements change.

  • Support and maintenance.  

Atlanta believes in long term relationship with its customers and provides diligent support system. We provide maintenance that covers both corrective and non-corrective actions. The latter includes adapting the analytical system to a changing business environment, expanding its functionality, fostering a proactive approach to problem management and more.

  • Outsourced data analysis.

We support the customers who are willing to get insightful analytical reports and dashboards, but don’t want to implement in-house data analysis solutions. With this approach, we just need from our customers the access to their data: the team, hardware and software required to perform the task are on us. We ensure both high-quality results and safety of entrusted data, which makes “Atlanta Systems” a perfect outsourcing partner.


Through Data visualization, can communicate complex information in a way that is easier to interpret by turning information into visually engaging images and stories. It enables you to highlight the most relevant conclusions from what would otherwise be considered a huge pile of worthless documents.

What Atlanta Systems Serves through Data Visualization?

Atlanta Systems offer its customers various approaches to visualize their business data. An insightful report enables us to implement best technique to visualize the data.

Atlanta Systems, answers to your given problems:-

Not insightful report

We believe that users should not waste their time and effort on searching for insights; they should focus on making informed decisions, instead. That is why we consider data visualization as an indispensable part of the reporting process and deliver the customer the insightful report along with data visualization.
Thus, the customer would not have to dig into the huge data.

Unsorted data

Dealing with unsorted data to get the inference is worthless as it takes the resources towards the wastefulness. The technique that we follow is a comprehensive approach to generalize the data


Big data has rapidly become the buzzword in the corporate world, Today Well Developed economies increasingly use data-intensive technologies. To Access real business information from big data, you need the right tools to hold and manage a wide variety of data from different Platforms so that your data can be easily analyzed. Most of organizations don’t know how to organize their large and huge data sets into accessible business strategy.

If this sounds all too familiar, Atlanta Systems Pvt. Ltd. is here to help you to get access to your mission critical data. Our team of well-trained experts in solving business Issues utilizing important data sets and can help you take access of your Big Data Quickly and cost-effectively.


Our Focus is on innovative and effective solutions in terms of BIG DATA. Some of our key services are.

  • Big Data Analytics
  • Creating Visualizations


With the increasing volume of data it has become uphill battle to analyze data using traditional analysis approach. Big data Analysis use an unconventional approach to overcome this barrier.


Big data Visualizations services enables you to represent your data in graphically and pictorial format. That helps organizations to make critical decisions easily. With interactive visualization, you can control and manage what data you see and how data is processed. Acquisition of data and scaling the associated information system for the ongoing analysis


Established in 1994 and headquartered in New Delhi, ATLANTA SYSTEMS PVT. LTD., is India’s fastest growing IOT products & solutions company. We render long-term value creation for our Industrie-4.0 partners, which ensures them global acceptance. We can boast of brilliance through our highly skilled-n-creative manpower along with state-of-art manufacturing unit, in-house product design-n-development & software-application development facility. Our domain expertise in telematics makes us one of the most sought-after companies offering OEM/ODM services.  Through cutting-edge-technology, we BUILD quality and innovation into our offerings, so as to render competitive excellence to our clients. No-surprise! Our offerings penetrate new markets easily.