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Available in 2/4/8/16/20/32 Channels


HD-04 is 4 channel communication that enables MDVR which store its data in Hard Disk- card and henceforth derive its name ‘HD-04’. It is designed and made to withstand the rough conditions of India as its Made in India. It is light, easy to use, and support multiple camera connections, memory can be increased by opting for higher memory space.


Basic Fare meter with integrated printer


Taxi fare meter with integrated GPS and Printer


Ring signal/polarity reversal. Working status indicator/signal strength indicator. Caller-ID Display/DTMF dialing. RJ-11 socket to connect with the billing system for metering.


Electronic Cash Register for super markets, restaurants, petrol pumps and so on.


WP-30L is an iCAT certified AIS140 tracker with IRNSS and GPS, meeting requirements of GAGAN support, 3 servers functionality, internal battery, accelerometer and gyroscope, Embedded SIM, tamper-proof (IP67 rating), and powerful WEB FOTA to fulfill firmware updates requirement.


The most reliable way to ensure absolute safety by all means of your loved ones. This device is small and powerful that is developed for personal tracking. With its brilliant GPS/GSM sensitivities and compact size, it can be easily hidden and carried.


O-100 device gives you internal analytics of your car and its electronic components, which lets you know what is wrong and what it needs to be fixed. By adding up an OBD device you can avoid unexpected breakdowns and stop worrying about what’s wrong with the car. Get real-time updates on car health, monitor and improve driving behavior.


View, monitor and track in real-time, the location of every asset within your fleet and quickly see your entire asset inventory. The AW-100 is powerful, rugged and cost-effective asset tracking device.


Our device provides you with the security and assurance of your logistics to prevent theft. Ensure asset and cargo security and avoid unexpected expenses throughout the year. The AM-100 can be magnetically mounted to track your assets.


OBD-300: it is an advanced device that is specifically designed not only to receive the CANbus data but also to share on a server in real-time. It is an IP-65 rated device, that can read all the parameters coming from ECU via CAN port.

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