Taxi fare meter with integrated GPS and Printer

  • GPRS - Copy Display Fare And Distance In Large Fonts.
  • GPRS - Copy Real-Time Clock & Panic Alert.
  • GPRS - Copy In-Built Printer.
  • GPRS - Copy Panic Button Passenger.
  • GPRS - Copy Hall Effect Sensor Attachment For Distance Calculation.
  • GPRS - Copy GPS Based Distance Meeting.
  • GPRS - Copy Real-Time Tracking.
  • GPRS - Copy Keys For Trip End, Hire, Vacant & amp; Retired Mode.
  • GPRS - Copy Capability To Integrate Two Way Voice Communication.
  • GPRS - Copy Up-Down Buttons For Scrolling.
Technical Specification
Parameter Description
Communication protocol TCP/IP/UDP/FTP/HTTP
Display Graphical LCD display 128*64
Keypad Membrane type keypad with 12 Keys
working current Sleeping mode <15mA: Active mode <125mA
Printer Inbuilt 2 thermal printer with over heat protection
GSM Dual/Quad band GSM/GPRS module
supports 850/900/1800/1900 MHz
Transmitting power Class 4(2W @850/900 MHz),
Class 1 (1 W @ 1800/1900)MHz
GPS Best in class, GPS + NAVIK receiver
Horizontal positional accuracy <3m
Sensitivity -160 dbm
TTFF Cold start <33s, warm start <33s/ and for hot start <1s
Operating voltage 9V to 30V
Internal battery backup 7.4 V , 1000 mAh, Li-Ion battery backup
Warranty One Year