Parking Sensor: ATLANTA has devised a parking occupancy device that uses a precisely calibrated magnetic sensor backed by 5+ years of battery life and IP-67 covering with a robust design to withstand the temperature, vehicle load, heavy down-pour. It follows the effective communication channel ‘LoRaWAN’.

  • GPRS - Copy FOTA is available.(take whole point from other products)
  • GPRS - Copy 95% accurate vehicle detection by using advance optical and magnetic detection methods
  • GPRS - Copy 10000mAH battery for more than 10 years backup
  • GPRS - Copy Long communication range(upto 500500 Meters) with the help of advance LORA based RF modules.
  • GPRS - Copy Automatic detection and cancellation of noise happening due to dust and scratches on the casing.
Technical Specification
Shell material polycarbonate
Detection range 50cm(vertical)
Accuracy of report >95
Communication module LORA/WI-FI/BLE/NB-IOT
Internal battery Non-recharged lithium battery 19000mAh@3.6VDC
Life time 5 year
Current 135mA (uplink mode),40mA (operating)
Operating temperature -40~70°c
Protection level IP-67
Dimension 140mmx140mmx90mm
Weight 450g