HD-04-GG is 4 channel communication that enables MDVR which store its data in Hard Disk- card and henceforth derives its name ‘HD-04’. It is designed and made to withstand the rough conditions of India as its Made in India. The first G stands for GSM and the second G stands for GPS services, it comes with an embedded sim-slot to share the live data with the server. It is a piece of state-of-the-art technology that is custom made for the Indian conditions and since it's manufactured by ATLANTA so any sort of customization and firmware control can be easily achieved.

  • GPRS - Copy Built-in high-performance chipsets, coded with H.264 standard, high compression rate, and image quality.
  • GPRS - Copy GPS Based Tracking, Trace PlayBack.
  • GPRS - Copy 4CH AV input with AHD 720P/960H/D1/CIF optional, 1CH synchronized AV output, 1CH VGA output.
  • GPRS - Copy 4CH local recording with 720P resolution in real-time.
  • GPRS - Copy Professional In-vehicle power design, 10-36V DC Wide Voltage Range.
  • GPRS - Copy Multi-protection circuits like under-voltage, short, reversed plug-in, overvoltage
  • GPRS - Copy Smart power management system, shut down under low voltage, low consumption.
  • GPRS - Copy Special file management system to encrypt and protect the data.
  • GPRS - Copy Proprietary technology to detect the bad track of the hard drive
    which can ensure the continuity of video and long the service life of the hard drive.
  • GPRS - Copy A built-in ultracapacitor avoids data loss and SD card damage caused by a sudden outage.
  • GPRS - Copy  Support SD card storage, maximum 256GB, 2.5 inches HDD/SSD, Max.2TB
Technical Specification
Parameter Description
Main processor Hi3520DV200
Operating system Embedded Linux OS
Working temperature -20°C~70°C
Operating interface GUI, Support mouse
Password security User password/Admin password
Video standard PAL/NTSC
Video compression H.264
Image resolution 720P/960 H/D1/CIF
Playback quality 720P/960 H/D1/CIF
Compound mode 4ch 720P/4ch 960H/2ch 720P+2ch 960H
Decoding ability 1ch 720P real time
Recording quality Class 1-6 optional
Image display Single/QUAD display optional
Audio compression G.726
Audio recording Audio & video synchronized recording
Recording mode Manual/alarm
Audio bit rate 8KB/s
Storage media SD card+HDD/SSD storage
Video bit rate Full frame 4096Mbps, 6 classes image quality optional
Video inquiry Inquiry by channel/recording type
Local playback Playback by file
Upgrading mode Manual
Upgrading method USB disk/SD card
AV input 4ch aviation interface
AV output 1ch VGA video output,1ch aviation AV output
Alarm input 4 digital inputs (2 positive trigger, 2 negative trigger)
SD card 1 SD X C High speed card (up to 256G)
USB interface 1 USB 2.0 support U disk/mouse)
UART 1 LVTTL level
LED indication PWR/RUN
Disk lock 1
Debug port 1
Power input 10~36V DC
Power output 5V 300mA
Power consumption Standby 3mA, Maximum consumption 18W @12V 1.5A @24V 0.75A
Dimension 162mm*153mm*52mm
Storage 720P 1G/h/channel, 960H 750M/h/channel