HD-04 is 4 channel communication that enables MDVR which store its data in Hard Disk- card and henceforth derive its name ‘HD-04’. It is designed and made to withstand the rough conditions of India as its Made in India. It is light, easy to use, and support multiple camera connections, memory can be increased by opting for higher memory space.

  • GPRS - Copy Built-in high-performance chipsets, coded with H.264 standard, high compression rate, and image quality.
  • GPRS - Copy 4CH AV input with AHD 720P/960H/D1/CIF optional, 1CH synchronized AV output, 1CH VGA output.
  • GPRS - Copy 4CH local recording with 720P resolution in real-time.
  • GPRS - Copy Professional In-vehicle power design, 10-36V DC Wide Voltage Range.
  • GPRS - Copy Multi-protection circuits like under-voltage, short, reversed plug-in, overvoltage
  • GPRS - Copy Smart power management system, shut down under low voltage, low consumption.
  • GPRS - Copy Special file management system to encrypt and protect the data.
  • GPRS - Copy Proprietary technology to detect the bad track of the hard drive
    which can ensure the continuity of video and long the service life of the hard drive.
  • GPRS - Copy A built-in ultracapacitor avoids data loss and SD card damage caused by a sudden outage.
  • GPRS - Copy m Support SD card storage, maximum 256GB, 2.5 inches HDD/SSD, Max.2TB
Technical Specification
Parameter Description
Main processor Hi3520DV200
Operating system Embedded Linux OS
Working temperature -20°C~70°C
Operating interface GUI, Support mouse
Password security User password/Admin password
Video standard PAL/NTSC
Video compression H.264
Image resolution 720P/960 H/D1/CIF
Playback quality 720P/960 H/D1/CIF
Compound mode 4ch 720P/4ch 960H/2ch 720P+2ch 960H
Decoding ability 1ch 720P real time
Recording quality Class 1-6 optional
Image display Single/QUAD display optional
Audio compression G.726
Audio recording Audio & video synchronized recording
Recording mode Manual/alarm
Audio bit rate 8KB/s
Storage media SD card+HDD/SSD storage
Video bit rate Full frame 4096Mbps, 6 classes image quality optional
Video inquiry Inquiry by channel/recording type
Local playback Playback by file
Upgrading mode Manual
Upgrading method USB disk/SD card
AV input 4ch aviation interface
AV output 1ch VGA video output,1ch aviation AV output
Alarm input 4 digital inputs (2 positive trigger, 2 negative trigger)
SD card 1 SD X C High speed card (up to 256G)
USB interface 1 USB 2.0 support U disk/mouse)
UART 1 LVTTL level
LED indication PWR/RUN
Disk lock 1
Debug port 1
Power input 10~36V DC
Power output 5V 300mA
Power consumption Standby 3mA, Maximum consumption 18W @12V 1.5A @24V 0.75A
Dimension 162mm*153mm*52mm
Storage 720P 1G/h/channel, 960H 750M/h/channel