Basic Fare meter with integrated printer

  • GPRS - Copy 4k Bytes Self –Programmable Flash Memory.
  • GPRS - Copy Temperature Range : -40 0 C to 85 0 C.
  • GPRS - Copy In-Built Printer.
  • GPRS - Copy Meter Status Display.
  • GPRS - Copy Keys for Trip End, Hire, Vacant.
  • GPRS - Copy Real-Time Clock.
  • GPRS - Copy Hall Effect Sensor Attachment For Distance Calculation.
Technical Specification
Parameter Description
Dimension 151mm x 75mm x 44mm
Display Multiple 7 segment FND display
Net weight 200gm
Additional feature Printer, GSM/GPRS and GPS (Optional)
Operating voltage 9V to 16V
Warranty One year