ADX Series

Voice Loggers

A voice logger is an automatic voice recording of both sides of the telephonic conversation of the PSTNthe line directly and GSM through a GSM terminal on a hard disk with a Windows-based operating system

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Digital Quality Recording

Solutions for PSTN / ISDN / VOIP / GSM / PRI lines

Bundled with call analysis software

Easy Searching & sorting of records using the software

GPRS, E-mail Fax, and SMS logging capabilities

Disk usage can be controlled

Generation of reports and audit trails

Technical Specification

Input Analog audio input from radio or telephone
PC Interface
Record Trigger Modes
Receiver pick-up (On Hook, O Hook Mode), Audio activity (VOX Mode)
Ring Detection Mode  Pseudo Mode, Manual or Force Mode
Working Temperature  -5°C to +~65°C
Frequency Range  300Hz - 3400Hz, ±3dB
Voice Codec  PCM Alaw, MP3, AVI, U-LAW
Data Rate 
64Kbps/ 32Kbps/ 16Kbps
Caller ID 
Input Impedance 
600 ohm (off Hook) 
S/N Ratio 
>40 dB at 64Kbps
-40 dBm
Automatic Gain Control

Use Cases

Customer Service and Support

Emergency Services and Dispatch

Telemarketing and Sales

Healthcare and Telemedicine