In the recent past, one of the major concerns of school authorities and parents is the safety and security of students/children while commuting to school and their activities inside the school premises. Assuring safety for the school kids is the foremost priority of every school. We understand every parent’s concern about their kids’ safety in school.





  • The government of India approved AIS-140(WP-30L) tracking device
  • State of art MDVR for huge data storage and live streaming to the server.
  • High definition cameras.
  • RFID receiver and RFID card with real-time processing to avoid crowding.
  • AI-based web & app platform to track students & to let parents/school/admin know about all location-based services.


RFID and Cameras in schools and school buses help to monitor student activities in and out of school. It poses as all-around student security. The RFID card, when swiped in the school bus and at the school gate marks the attendance of students and staff automatically. An immediate SMS or notification is sent to the parents when their child enters/ exits the school; boards/deboard the school bus.


  • RFID technology for monitoring of Students in Bus & School Premises.
  • Fixed commute & real-time tracking of school buses.
  • Estimated Time of Arrival (ETA) for parents.
  • Automated attendance of students and staff which can be easily stored and retrieved
  • SOS/Panic button for students to get help in an emergency situation inside the school bus.
  • Dashboard for the admin for real-time bus tracking.
  • Driver management.
  • Native development on Android or iOS platform.
  • Android push notifications or iOS notifications to the admin for driver behavior, vehicle maintenance, driving patterns, fuel theft, etc.


Schools are responsible for the safety of children, from the time they enter the school and till they are back home safely. Safe transportation of school children is also a big concern for schools. Our school bus tracking software, helps schools to track the students in real-time. It ensures the safety and security of children while commute and RFID do the same inside the school.

  • The bus tracking tool allows better monitoring and a more streamlined commute which makes students safer and ETA notifications to parents.
  • The school bus tracking improves operational efficiency and hence improves coordination.
  • Increased student safety values to parents build trust for schools and help in taking reputation to new heights.
  • The investment in the school bus tracking system is another means of cost-cutting and assures the Return on Investment (ROI)


Web-app is exclusively for the school admins which enables live tracking of school buses and monitoring the student activities in real-time.

  •  Efficient monitoring of school buses and real-time updates on the same.
  • Transport admin can track the record of students’ boarding and deboard with RFID technology.
  • Efficient route optimization helps the admin to plan and execute the trips, routes, pickup, and drop points to improve the process efficiency.
  • The school bus tracking solution generates notifications for any unscheduled stops or unplanned movement.
  • The instant alert feature ensures sending SOS / Panic Alerts in case of emergencies. These alerts can be customized to various functions like vehicle route change, SOS, overspeeding, or any other safety issues along with Information about traffic jams.
  • Admin is quickly informed about any suspicious event happening on the school premises or while commute.


Parents live in constant fear about the whereabouts of their children till the time they return home. The school bus tracking software ‘School Buddy’ has been designed as a user-friendly application that keeps parents informed about the location of their child, their real-time activities and puts them in peace of mind.

  • The App sends timely notifications to parents about the scheduled routes, live location of school buses as well as boarding and deboarding information of their child.
  • The location-based services app keeps you updated.
  • No more waiting at pick up and drop points. Estimated time of arrival of the bus to drop and pick up their ward at the designated stop location with the precise location base service.
  • Timely SMS or notifications about the unscheduled route, start time, and bus delays.
  • The smart communication feature enables the parents to communicate with the teachers.
  • School Buddy allows parents to track more than one child at the same time with the same mobile number. This exclusive feature allows simultaneous tracking of children by switching the tabs, which makes it easy and convenient for the parents.

Parking management refers to strategies that result in more efficient use of parking resources. Parking Management system (PMS) helps in representing parking availability, reducing the time taken in the whole process by automated & fast ticketing system. The first step toward effective parking management is to identify the cause of parking concerns and to determine feasible parking management solutions. Atlanta Systems has made a comprehensive solution for parking management which comprises of Real-Time Vehicle Counting Real-time parking availability display and many more.


  • Inadequate information for people on parking availability.
  • Daily/Monthly revenue control & fare management. Saves manpower and cost of installation.
  • An efficient method to control mismanagement of Parking.
  • Software application to provide complete control to admin for better parking management and revenue tally.
  • Automated and fast ticketing system with software application security and great efficiency.

Park Ezy a solution incepted by ATLANTA Systems to meet the multidimensional need of PMS. Park Ezy solution is a combination of robust, efficient & cost-effective parking sensor along with user-friendly and future proof software application and industrial built Parking ticket dispensing KIOSK. This all together creates Park Ezy as a highly evolved, dynamic, intelligent parking management system that integrates smart features such as complete audit control, real-time monitoring, mobile cashiering, etc which contribute towards maximizing customer satisfaction.


  • Automation and Fast ticketing.
  • User Friendly and easy to operate.
  •  Admin controlled Parking management.
  • Cost-effective and quick recurring cost.
  • Wire-free installation.
  • Revenue control and fare management.